Builder Previews - Alex Beaulieu

Way back in March 2016 we did a feature on Alex and his Shovelhead Chopper.

We have done afew since, but this was the first feature we did on a Quebec builder.

We'll try and dig up a few more of these over the next few months and look back at people we all know know but who where new names to many of us at the time.


This Gorgeous Shovel was built by Alex Beaulieu of Riviere du Loup, and is part of his current project of love, 86 cycles.
As you can see by the old school vibe of this bike, he is heavily inspired not only by bikes from the 60ès and 70ès but also by the Vintage revival movement in Japan, very American with a touch of something original to the Japanese builders.
This 81 Shovel has found a nice home in a 62 Panhead frame that has been reworked and painted by Alex himself. I was particularly drawn to this bike by the gas tank molded to the frame, something you dont see much anymore.
My hat goes off to Alex for this amazing bike and I hope to see more of it this summer!

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