#DoomsdayRoadTrip Contest!

Share your road trip memories contest!

Traveling this year clearly wont be the same, but why not look back at the good times and metaly prepare for the future.
To Patricipate: 1- Follow Doomsday Machine 2-Post a picture from one of your favorite road trips, with a map if possible. 3-Tag Doomsday Machine and use the #Doomsdayroadtrip hashtag. Also please include the contest rules in the post.
In a week we will randomly choose a winner to receive a free DM Tee. Contest ends midnight, Sunday June 7th

Here's one for motivation:
In 2012, I embarked on the craziest road trip of my life (and I've had a few), 5 weeks on the road stopping in 3 countries with a good buddy. During our coast to coast adventure we crossed the loneliest road in America, a stretch of highway 50 in Nevada which at one point has 200km (130 miles) between gas stations. We also did the highest crossing of the Rockies in Colorado, where we outraced a snow storm in late August. Our most taxing day? Probably when we faced 45 degree heat(115 fahrenhigt) while driving through Montana, to then shiver our way through crossing the Rockies that same night, to cover 1100km (700 Miles)in 24 hours. Sadly most of the pictures I have of that trip where lost in a computer crash, the one below looking out over the pacific coast highway (def a bucket list drive) is one of the only reminders. Here is a map of the almost exact route :

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