Monday Movie: "Bra Boys"


Now I know what your thinking, this isnt about motorcycles, what gives?

For a lot of people the end goal is just having a bitchin' chopper, but at Doomsday Machine, we'd rather be riding with a real soul ridding a piece of shit bike than a total hipster on the 'coolest' knucklehead chopper.

Being a biker is not just about attitude and what you wear, but about the company you keep and how you carry yourself.

Some say you can't become a biker, you are born one, I don't know if we agree with that, but living by a code and treating people right is certainly more important than having the coolest jacket and being up on all the new styles.

Brotherhood (and sisterhood) is central for me, and you don't have to have a motorcycle to know about that. This movie is a documentary about a real band of brothers who grew up between a rock and a hard place, stuck up for each other through all sorts of shit, and did it with style. Its also a lesson about not judging the book by its cover and how doing the right thing is more important than saving your own skin.

Its not to hard to imagine that the rush of surfing attracts the same kind of people as the adrenaline we get from riding in a pack, or throwing your bike into some curves. So with that in mind, enjoy this documentary and hope it helps tide you over until riding season is back.




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