Monday Movie: Running Cool

Despite the fact that this film follows in the footsteps of so many biker classics before it, it feels completely unique because of the period it as made in. The Golden age of biker films was clearly the mid 60's to early 70's, but this film from the early 90's manages to live up to that standard in many ways.

From the Directing/writing couple that brought you the southern exploitation film "Gator Bait", this film is all about brotherhood and sacrificing for a friend.

Mirroring Genre standards like "Devils Angels" and "The Wild Angels" it is a classic story of outsiders living by a code and looking to be left alone while being forced by a changing world to fight against incroaching conservative big money reminiscent  of "Stone" and "Northville Cemetery Massacre".

Opening at a wet T-shirt contest in Sturgis, and littered with fight scenes that har reminded me of Van Damme movies of the same period, This is the most 90's biker film I have ever seen and an excellent time capsule of the era.

Created by people who know the biker world, or at least did their homework, the Florida Warlocks MC play extras and the Bikes and Party make you feel like you 're walking through an old issue of "In The Wind".

While it clearly didn't win any academy awards, this film was a highly enjoyable  new discovery for me. The acting is decent, the story and dialog are solid and there is an entertaining amount of action. 

Give it a watch here:




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