Movie Monday: Mondo Enduro

This week we've gone deep into the vaults to share one of the pioneer adventure Bike documentaries. This film has been imitated by Celebrities with big budgets, and these guys went on to make other films, but it all started here.

In 1995 a group of friends pool their resources,  and leave England for a 40,000 mile, 400 day trip around the world on Bikes. They even take on the then un crossable Siberian Gap. They had the brilliant idea of all buying the same bike, lighweight 350cc Suzuki's, so they could bring all the spare parts you could think of and share them when needed.

For anyone who had done any kind of long trips on 2 wheels, its comforting to see the level of hospitality these guys encounter when in need, in all corners of the globe.

My only critique about this film is it make you want to sell everything and hit the road to circumnavigate the globe...

In Doomsday style,this is an amazing grassroots project that was clearly made on a shoe string, which gives hope to others, that if you put you mind to something you can accomplish almost anything.

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