Movie Monday: Northville Cemetary Massacre aka "RIP Freedom"

One of the greatest, and somewhat hardest to find biker flicks out there.

Made in Michigan by first time Canadian Director William Dear, who later went on to do Harry and the Hendersons, this underground classic features the Scorions MC from Detroit as most of the bikers, and the lead role has reportedly an uncredited voicover by non other than Nick Nolte.

Originally titled "RIP Freedom", this film visually fits in with the more violent films of the period, but philisophically it belongs in the same catagory as "Easy Rider" and "Angel Unchained" which we also hope to get to reviewing.

Some free wheeling bikers out for a good time run into trouble when they cross paths with small town law. When the cops cross the line, and later get in league with a quasi facist millionaire, the stage is set for an epic confrontation.



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