Movie Monday: On Any Sunday

This 1971 Documentary by Bruce Brown, the director of the '66 Surf Classsic "Endless Summer", looks at the day to day of Motorcycle racing.

Its fitting that it features Steve McQueen, because the film is full of real life rugged folks getting it done. The life of top racers who throw their bikes in the back of a Van and live off road food as they drive themselves from race to race of the circuit is pretty cool.

Probably my personal highlight is the huge open desert races. The guy who races with his dog clinging to his tank the whole day is a particular standout.

Shaving down every part to save weight, or racing with a broken foot, there is so much to love about this film.

Finally Its got a very 70's surfer vibe to it too. From the colour pallet to the music and the sunset ending this will put you in a good mood (if your into that kind of thing).

Here you Go!

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