Movie Monday: Wheels of Soul

Ok after a few weeks off due to events and illness, we're getting back on track with our movie mondays to finish off the winter.

We are really coming back strong with this documentary about the "Wheels of Soul" a multi racial MC based mostly on the east coast.

This film looks at the lesser know but equily interesting early black biker scene. This film by Guerilla Docs is one of several excellent works they have put out and I really reccomend checking out their webiste here: Guerilla Docs

This film is interesting on so many levels. Like so many documentaries looking at the origins of older MC's , the characters that make up the mother chapter in Philedelphia are true originals. Custom bikes in an inner city environment  are also a personal draw for me and other Doomsday family members. This film also takes a unflinching look at the racism faced by people trying to build a multi racial club from the 60's through to today.

Keep in mind that like all documentaries on the subject of MC's I have no doubt this film looks at the club with rose colored glasses, but it is still a great watch and an important part of Motorcycle culture and history.


I own a personal copie  of this was surprised to find this rare film on youtube, so watch it now beacuse it might not be up for long. Enjoy!


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