Who Are We?


Started in 2014 by 2 friends at an underground punk show, Doomsday Machine was going to do something about the lack of an Underground Chopper scene in Montreal.

A Blend of the 'old school' Chopper revival and our love for DIY Punk and Heavy Metal, we soon found other people who wanted to ride and work on bikes and throw the odd good party.

More than a brand, we want to build a community of people who live for their bikes, have a Do It Yourself work ethic and put having each others back before money and Internet cool points.

Against the brutal winters and shitty laws, we strive to support garage builders, who want to give their machine a personal touch, but keep it rideable. Blue Collar War Horses, not trailer queens or big dollar show bikes.

We prefer camping with friends to huge gatherings, but we also have a soft spot for a good block party, BBQ or guerilla film night.

We're always looking for like minded people so come out to one of our events and introduce yourself.